5 best bunk beds with slide for your kids?

It’s hard to find a kid who would not jump at the chance to have a bunk bed in their bedroom. On top of that, it would be a scientific miracle to find one who would not go absolutely berserk with joy over a kid’s bunk bed with slide. That’s why I’ve brought together a collection of the best bunk beds with slide one can possibly find in the online buying arena. On this website you will find bunk beds that come in all shapes, sizes and exciting themes but all have one thing in common. Yes, you guessed it, that all important slide!

Bunk Beds With Slide

How to choose the best bunk beds with slide for your kids?

Kid’s bunk beds with slide come with a variety of benefits both for the child and the parents, not to mention little friends who come over to stay. Bunk beds in general can fulfill a number of uses and roles. Naturally, their main raison d’etre is for sleeping purposes but bunk beds with slide can also compliment and become a part of the kid’s playing environment. A tertiary but all important element is that of storage as well. The bunk beds showcased on this website often come with areas beneath the top bunk that can be used as clubhouses and secret dens away from the prying eyes of those pesky ‘no-fun’ adults.

As far as themes go, kid’s bunk beds with slide come in a multitude of different looks and subjects. These include themes such as castles, palaces, houses and army camps. It has to be said, most bunk beds with a slide are of the loft bed variety in that they come with an open space beneath the top bunk. In this space one can place a variety of furniture pieces such as a child’s work desk, a chest of drawers or more probably, a play area especially for younger kids. Indeed, the bunk beds with slide I showcase on this site tend to have themed covers that overhang this playing area making it ideal as a den.

Bunk beds are like candy to children. There is nothing quite like climbing up to the top bunk and feeling like your on top of the world. Sleeping high up creates a sense of security as well as adventure. When this is complimented with the hidden play area beneath and the exciting slide, one is sure to hear whoops of delight when the bunk beds with slide is unveiled. Whether for a little girl or a little boy, there are colors and themes that will match all interests and interior décor schemes. There are two major sizes available in the market for these type of beds:

1- Pink and White Cottage Bunk Bed With Slide and Tent

Little girls love to play pretend houses. There is nothing they like better than arranging their dolls and miniature dinner sets in a cosy and attractive environment. This function is fulfilled with this pink and white cottage bunk bed with slide which has a beautiful space underneath for all your little girl’s playtime activities. Within this enclosed area she can create her own little home where friends can come to visit during overnight stay-overs. Small window designs and a cute little door space further highlight the cottage feel to the bed.

The bunk bed, or loft bed to give it the proper name, comes with an additional slide which can be used or not, depending on one’s requirements and room décor. However, children of all ages love slides and this white slide will create an extra dynamic component to your little girl’s bedroom fun. Sliding out of bed in the morning is surely the finest way to greet the world each day as well as a great place to watch teddy bears and dolls enjoy the ride as well.

The pink cottage tent and lower curtain provide a lovely themed aspect to this little girl’s bunk bed with slide. Various narratives can be formed in your daughter’s imagination with the cottage theme which contributes nicely to a girl’s natural instincts to nurture. In the space underneath, there is room to place toy tables, lamps, chests and various other small furniture pieces which will add to the home-like atmosphere.

Made from solid wood and veneers, the bunk bed with slide is made to last a long time and carry the weight of both sleeping and energetic children. With this particular bed, there are numerous additional pieces that can also be purchased thereby creating a complete bedroom set. The top bunk tent also gives a protective feeling to a little child who might be scared of big rooms and shadows. From my own experience as a child, a tent like sleeping area feels a lot more secure and safe especially after dark.


2- Red Firehouse Bunk Bed With Slide For Little Firefighters

Many kids dream of being firefighters when they grow up. This red firehouse bunk bed with slide is therefore an ideal bedroom furniture piece for a child who finds the sirens of rushing fire trucks both exciting and appealing. Whilst most firehouses have sliding poles on which the brave fire fighters descend, this bunk bed has a fun slide, not to mention a wonderful themed tent. A tower rises up from one end of the bed providing an access route to the top bunk. There’s nothing kids like more than finding tunnels and hidden routes.

This firehouse bunk bed with slide is of the loft bed variety which means there is space beneath suitable for a whole range of uses. The area beneath is accessed via the fire truck tent door which can be seen clearly in the picture. Again, like with tunnels, children adore secret dens and hiding places where they can play with their toys or enter a make-belief world with their siblings or friends. In so many ways, this fire-fighter themed bunk bed with tent brings the experience of camping indoors.

The set-up is comprised of a bolt together construction which is both strong and sturdy. Safety has been kept in mind as it is with the majority of kid’s furniture pieces. Secure rails reach around the bunk area preventing young children from rolling out of bed during the night. The slide is also of a size and build that prevents any serious damage being done in the event of an accident. All in all it’s a perfectly safe bedroom bunk bed that kids can use for both sleeping and playing purposes


3- Wooden Castle Bunk Bed with Slide and Bedroom Set

As someone with experience of being a little boy, I can vouch for the fact that little boys adore themes related to castles and forts. This is why I like this wooden castle bunk bed with slide that also comes with an optional bedroom set. The majority of male toddlers like to play with toy swords and guns as well as chase one another over the furniture and through the house. With this sturdy castle bunk bed with slide, there is a ready made playing arena especially designed with such activities in mind.

It’s main function will always be as a bed and sleeping area but combing a bunk bed with a play area is a great money and space saver and can indeed help in getting children to bed at night. When you have the chance to climb into an impressive castle and survey the ground far beneath you, the temptation to go to bed on time is great. The bunk bed with slide seen in the picture is crafted from the finest Birch hardwood and veneers. A decorative castle theme bed kit comes included with the package.

Safety is always a consideration in most parent’s minds when it comes to kid’s furniture. Rest assured for this wooden castle twin bunk bed adheres to federal regulation standards and is equipped with sturdy safety rails which prevent a child from falling out of the top bunk when asleep. As well as this, the ladder’s handrail and grooved steps provide extra grip and security for excited or sleepy children.

As the title suggests, this wooden castle bunk bed with slide comes with an optional choice of bedroom furniture and accessories. These are noted in more detail on the product page of this particular bed but include such items as luxury mattresses, finials, cushions, dressers, chests and additional night stands, not to mention a homework desk. For a little boy who wants to impress his visiting friends and feel like the king of his castle or the top knight of the realm, then this impressive castle themed wooden bunk bed with slide will be ideal.


4- Kid’s G.I. Bunk Bed With Slide and Tent

What little boy doesn’t like playing with soldiers and demanding military action heroes for Christmas? Well, you can take his passion a step further with this kid’s G.I. bunk bed with slide and tent. I know that if I had seen this as a child I would have been climbing up my father’s back begging him to buy one for my bedroom. This army themed bunk bed with slide is perfect for a boy who has an assortment of action figures, toy soldiers and a general interest in the armed forces, especially if from a military family.

It can be notoriously difficult to get a little boy to go to bed. However, with this kid’s G.I. bunk bed with slide, the arena of play merges with that of sleep. When there is a ladder to climb and a slide to slide down, then every brave and tired little warrior is going to want to bed down for the night on the top bunk of his very own army base. Secure safety barriers prevent the mattress and child from falling our during the night.

What really makes this military themed bunk bed with slide different from the rest is the tent area below with army camouflage markings. The tent curves outwards thereby providing a large and secret play space where your son and his siblings/friends can pretend to be soldiers. Kid’s love camping and everything to do with tents. This G.I. bunk bed with slide and tent provides the magic of camping but in an indoor environment. There’s also space enough to put a spare mattress or a couple of sleeping bags in the tent area for visiting friends.

An optional extra that comes along with this kid’s bunk bed is a toy chest in matching camouflage markings. This can be placed either within the tent area or to the side of the structure where it will provide an excellent themed storage space for toys and games.


5- Pink Castle Bunk Bed With Slide Bedroom Set

All little girls dream of being princesses. One of the best types of bed to cater for such a little girl’s dreams is one like this pink castle bunk bed with slide which is part of an optional bedroom set. The most striking feature of this castle bunk bed theme is the amazing pink tower from which the all exciting slide appears from. It’s a wonderfully charming construction which incorporates a bed section on top which is covered by a tent. Below is a play area where your daughter and her siblings/friends can pretend to be the most prettiest of princesses that have ever walked the Earth.

This pink castle bunk bed with slide along with the optional bedroom set will literally make a bedroom seem like a kid’s royal palace. Safety has been highly considered in this design and there are numerous features which make it child friendly. These include federal regulation standard safety rails, handrails and slide sides.

As far as little girl’s bunk beds go, this pink castle bunk bed with slide is pretty stunning. Kids like to go from one section of a playhouse to another and this bunk bed nicely caters for these desires. No longer will it be a chore getting your daughter to go to bed when she knows she has a castle to enter when it’s time for sleep. She can climb into bed from one end and exit down the slide from the other end. Plus there is a little curtained window in which she can survey her glorious kingdom and secretly watch out for any trespassing parents.

Optional extras that can be placed in the room with this pink castle bunk bed with slide are varied. The product page goes into more detail and there you will discover possible additional items such as a luxury mattresses, dressers, back pillows, decorative finials, bookcases, a desk and also a bevelled and framed mirror. If your little girl is made about fairy-tales and princesses then this pink castle themed bunk bed with slide and tent will make the perfect addition and focal piece to her bedroom.

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