All you would like to know about l shaped bunk beds

Bunk beds are not new. They came into existence to meet a need that still exists today, that of minimizing bed space. But people have grown tired of the traditional twin over twin design and want something that does more than just save room. L shaped bunk beds or corner bunk beds comprise the lower bed positioned at right angles to the raised loft bed (hence creating an ‘L’ shape). This positioning creates a more open arrangement for the bottom bunk bed user and less of a feeling of being closed in. They are also more visually appealing to the eye than the traditional bunk bed design.

Because of their configuration, These beds provide owners with a much more functional approach to children’s bed furniture.  Not only do they save on floor space for two or even three beds but they also can incorporate additional work and storage areas in the same unit.  Study desks, activity space, display shelving and storage areas can all be configured into L shape bunk beds whilst maintaining the compact and streamlined nature of the structure. We are dividing these beds in following sizes, types and configurations.

Bunk Bed Configurations

L shaped bunk beds are not just restricted to twin beds.  If you have the space then consider one of the triple bunk beds that have two loft beds above and one below.  You can also buy beds with a single bed on top and double bed or futon couch underneath or try a single/single/trundle option.  Having room for a third guest is great for those sleepovers that kids love to have.

Choosing the right size

Whichever option of kids bunk beds that you choose, the main consideration is always size. Take some measurements of the bedroom and make sure you are happy with the dimensions of the bunks in relation to the room. If the unit incorporates a desk or activity space then make sure it will be easily accessible and doesn’t encroach on other areas of the room such as a door or wardrobe. If your children are growing rapidly then choose a bunk bed that will still suit them in two or three years time.  It is also a good idea to check the weight capacity particularly if you are catering for older children and/or adults.

Bunk Bed Safety

Bunk beds have copped plenty of bad press over the years when it comes to safety issues but by following a few simple guidelines this doesn’t need to be the case with your L shaped bunk beds.  Look for solid construction and if assembling the unit yourself then check and double check every bolt and screw.  A regular maintenance check is essential and should be performed at least weekly but more often if you have active children.

Bunk bed ladders can be a safety concern particularly with younger children so consider opting for a bunk bed with stairs that are easier to climb.  It is also a good idea to create some definitive ground rules when it comes to playing on the beds and definitely never allow children to use the loft bed as a springboard or trampoline.

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