Boys Bunk Beds

Getting your boys to sleep can be easy thanks to cool bunk beds. Our reviewed unique bunk beds have never failed to please the hearts, minds and eyes of kids. It’s very common to see boys hurrying to their bedrooms right after dinner, just to enjoy and spend some time with their cool bunk beds. Our designs are really captivating and we guarantee that the boys room will feel like a child’s dream come true room. These beds are ideal when children have small bedrooms. They occupy less space and give the room a funkier and cooler look. Bunk beds for boys have become really trendy and come in decent fashionable designs.

The designs are very child friendly and each is crafted in a manner that will appeal to your boys. Many boys find these beds as their number one choice for and a must have in their rooms. It should be noted that these are not the common four-poster bed that look like regular adult beds. They are flashy, colorful and really awesome for any kid’s room. These beds are cool and are really meant for young boys but, there are others meant for teenagers as well. Boys designs include cool beds that are pirate ships, forts, airplanes, buses and even some with super heroes designs.

Some of the beds come with different designs in that the upper portion remains as a conventional bed while the lower section can be turned into a small study desk area, with a small portion of the study area made into a sitting lounge that looks like a sofa. Some come with designs that have compartments or cupboards where the boy’s accessories such as books and toys can be neatly kept. Which boy would not want a pirate themed bed in their bedroom? They find these beds, interesting and playful at the same time which keeps them busy and is handy to that parent who needs a five minutes rest.

When purchasing these beds, always consider the size of the room, decor, quality of the bed as well as comfort ability the bed offers. Also, consider the character of your boy, a bed is something the boy will have for a long time and should make the boy feel proud to have such a bed.


Fun bunk beds for boys are a great way to personalize your child’s Room

Bunk beds are a fun way to add some extra space to a room or a great option when children are sharing a room. Bunk beds allow more floor space and children love them. There are many fun bunk bed options available for boys that make for a great addition to any child’s room. When choosing a bunk bed you should consider the type of material you want, the look you’re going for and of course the fun factor.

Different Materials

Bunk beds are available in many different materials. Metal bunk beds are durable and offer a more modern look. They can be found in many different colors. For boys a bright blue or red can be a fun selection to make their room feel more personalized. If you have very young boys, there are themed bunk beds that look like playhouses or even fire departments. Some of the ones geared towards younger children also feature things like fun ladders and slides. If you have a lot of space for a bigger bed setup you can look for bunk beds that have stairs instead of ladders. These beds are beneficial because the stairs allow for more storage space and give the bed a fun look.

Consider the Look of the Room

For younger boys you can get something really unique and fun that comes in a bright color or theme. Older boys might want something more stylish. There are many wooden bunk beds that have classic look that can go with any style. Dark wood is always stylish and you can accent with your child’s favorite colors to make the room personalized to their tastes. Metal bunk beds often lend a more modern style to a room. A gray metal bed would look great against bright colored accents and decor.

Bunk Beds are So Much Fun

If you have only one child and don’t need two sleeping spaces, you can get bunk beds with a bed on top and a different feature on the bottom. Beds are available with desks and storage underneath. For younger boys you can find an option with a bed on the top and a fun hideout underneath. The bunk beds geared towards younger boys are also often shorter which is a great safety feature for younger kids.

Fun bunk beds for boys are a great way to personalize your child’s room and add some extra space as well. Bunk beds come in many different materials and styles so you’re sure to find something to suit you and your child. For younger boys it’s fun to get something themed that has a slide or a hideout underneath. For older boys you can find classics in dark wood or metals that add some extra storage and sleeping space to any room. Any age boy is sure to love a bunk bed in their room.

Decorating with unique bunk beds for your boys

Most furniture for boys sacrifices form for function. If there’s a any bedroom furniture that deserves to be unique for boys at any age and should really be called an ingenious creation, it should be boys bunk beds. These unique beds have provided answers to space issues that have since time in memorial confronted many parents for years. There’s no denying that the children always get crammed into the small rooms of the house. There are a variety of unique innovations when it comes to boys bunk beds that help to solve this space problem with ease. Here’s a list of bunk beds that’s suitable for your boys:

Basic bunk beds

This is the traditional two beds where one is over the other. They usually come with a set of twin mattresses and most can be taken apart to form individual beds.

L shaped bunk beds

This type of boys bed is similar to the basic bunk the only difference being that the sleeping space has a different configuration. The lofted top bunk is usually placed at a right angle just adjacent to the bottom bunk. This type of bunk bed requires more room space, but it’s great especially if you have a room or space to spare.

Futon bunk beds

This is great, especially if you have multiple boys. This is basically a bunked bed that’s fitted with a lofted bed over a futon. They come with twin size mattresses, but can also be offered as full size beds. This type of bed has different purposes. They can be opened up to provide a large sleeping surface or can be folded as a couch.

There are some custom made beds for your boys which include doors and windows and they can be turned into castles and also island tree houses, pirate ship beds and other designs that attract the boys. As a parent, always note that boys furniture should be equally attractive and unique, not forgetting functional and safe. By seeking out fun themed unique bunk beds for their boys, parents create fun rooms that are special for their dear ones

 Buying bunk beds for your kids

Using bunk beds can make sleep time fun and interesting and make the boy in your house go off to sleep quickly. Available in an array of designs, styles and sizes, installing bunk beds in your boy’s bedroom is an ideal way of allowing siblings to sleep in the same room without disturbing each other!

Wooden bunk beds are the best for your boy.

Though bunk beds are available in various materials such as steel, iron and wood, the most popular ones are the ones made out of wood as the wooden beds are available in several designs and shades. You can get the wooden color of the bed customized to match your room’s decor too!

In fact, it works out from the economical point of view as well. This is because generally, bunk beds cost lesser than normal single beds. The costs being low is pretty simple to analyze. Bunk beds do not need as many bases and are made from pieces of wood. Add to it the fact that if you buy a good bunk bed, you can even do a number of things with it – like turn it into a sofa! It means that you can save upon home furniture costs too.

You would require a bunk bed for the kids if you live in a urban home with limited space. It is pretty simple. You will need to optimize the space and you would need your kids to have more space. If you have more than one kid, bunk beds can help them sleep together and have a lot of fun together. It will also help them to have more space in the room, that they can utilize in different ways.

The practical benefits of having it and ensuring that the sleeping arrangements are perfect will ensure that your kids will love it.

Let us take a look at why bunk beds for boys are unique.

  • Makes bed time fun – If you have more than one boy to take care of, you will find that the boys enjoy fighting with each other to climb the ladder first and get on the top of the bunk again and again. This helps the boys bond better and creates bedtime memories.
  • Boys learn to share – As the boys start sharing their beds in the form of bunk beds, they learn to share other things in life too, and this sharing nature becomes embedded in their personality.
  • Helps save space – These bunk beds for boys help save a lot of space in the bedroom which can be utilized to place game stations, study tables, and wardrobes. Chances are your kid will love to own a Xbox or Playstation, and you might just have enough space for it with a bunk bed! You can even place indoor games for the boys in the extra space.
  • Easily available online – Bunk beds for boys are easily available online. However, it is best to purchase the beds from a store that you trust. Buying online has a distinctive advantage – you can choose the bunk bed that best suits the room decor, budget, and size. You also get some great offers and if you’re lucky, can buy the best bunk beds for boys at an exceptional price.
  • Make the room colourful – If you wish to make your boys bedroom all colourful and bright, bunk beds help you achieve just that! The wooden beds can be painted in any color you like and make the room look vibrant!
  • Good storage space – Bunk beds come with ample storage facilities options with under bed storage drawers, trundle beds and big and small drawers allowing you to store unwanted or extra stuff easily. The trundle bed can also be used for visitors and all one needs to do is pull it out for use.

How to choose the best bunk bed for your boy?

Let your kids have some great fun together. Every brother wants to talk to his brother from the top of a bunk bed, in the middle of the night. Are you looking for cool bunk beds for your boys? Here are some tips that will ensure that you have bought the best bunk bed for boys.

  1. Do the bunk beds separate or not? – With age, your child’s needs and preferences change. If you are looking to separate your boys into different rooms, choose bunks that can be separated to allow flexibility and do away with the need for buying a new bed in the future.
  2. Consider the space between the bunks – Choosing a bunk bed that has a good space between the bunks allows the child who is sleeping in the lower one to move around easily. As a parent, you can also sit on the bottom bunk without hunching or stooping.
  3. The height of the top bunk – The height of the top bunk is important. When your boy stands on the top bunk, he should not touch the ceiling or the ceiling fan.
  4. Do you need trundles? Keeping your needs in mind, decide whether you need a bunk bed that has trundle in it or not. Trundle beds are great for occasional use or guests but take up a lot of floor space.
  5. Type of ladder – Different bunk beds has different steps. Use ladders that come out at an angle from the bunk bed for little boys or opt for the climbing ones for little older boys.

You can find the best bunk beds for boys if you know how to choose properly. They are unique and your little guy would surely love it!

Safety tips for using bunk beds

Bunk beds have lower maintenance costs and in turn, lower operating costs as well. This is because you will require less spaces. Your two kids can fit into one bunk bed and this will ensure that you will save on electricity and air conditioner costs. When it comes to getting the right one, there are plenty of fun bunk beds for boys. However, a few tips need to be kept in mind when you’re buying one for your kids.

  1. How are you using the bunk bed? Remember, the top bunk needs to be used by boys for sleeping purposes only. Playing and jumping on the top bunk can cause the boys to fall and injure themselves.
  2. Use mattresses that are suitable for the bunk bed only. Avoid using oversized mattresses that do not fit in the bed frame.
  3. Use bunk beds that are a little bigger than your child’s height so that he can sleep comfortably at night.
  4. Check the bunk bed periodically for any wear and tear and get the damage repaired immediately.
  5. When the bunk bed is being installed, ensure that the guardrails and ladder are stable and fixed. Also, buy bunk beds where the guardrails are at least 5 inches above the mattress.
  6. Place the bunk beds on one corner of the bedroom so that there are walls on two sides of the bed.
  7. Teach the boys to use only the ladder to climb into or out of the bed bunk and not other furniture items such as stools or drawers.
  8. Get a night light installed near the bunk bed ladder so the boys can see properly when getting in and out of the bed at night.
  9. Never leave any slippery or dangerous items near the bunk bed. Avoid hanging any kind of rope, scarves or belts from the bunk bed.

How do you put your toddler so sleep? Parents often find it difficult to put their little boys off to sleep. The little guys don’t want to hit the bed when they can do something else. Science proves that kids display the highest activity and metabolism rate and get tired after a long time. What you do need to put your toddler off to sleep is to find a bed that’s just perfect for the kids.