Essentials of Safe Bunk Beds for Kids

Most parents are apprehensive on getting bunk beds for their children because of the risk of falling. Bunk beds for kids are especially appealing because they also provide an area where young children can play. However, sometimes kids tend to have so much fun that they forget the need to be careful when playing or sleeping on a bunk bed. Statistics show that bunk bed injuries are one of the leading causes of fall accidents among children who are not over 10 years old. There are several ways ensure that your kids’ bunk beds are safe.

What makes bunk beds for kids safe?

Bunk beds for kids must be made from sturdy materials and must have been put together by an expert carpenter. Moreover, proper measurements of the legs of the bunk beds will truly make them stable and wobble-free. Sometimes, it can’t be helped if children play on bunk beds because the height appeals to them. If a bunk bed wobbles, then your child might get lose a footing and fall off the bed. So if you are going to have your kids’ bunk beds custom-made, make sure that they are the right measurement to prevent unfortunate accidents.

Another way to check if your bunk beds will work out safely is to ensure that the ladder rungs are fitted properly and are wide enough to support even the heaviest kids in the house. In addition, good bunk beds for kids designs must have ladder that can also support adults. Also, don’t scrimp on soft and less durable wood. Instead, have them use solid wood to make your children’s bunk beds. Nail bolts are also advisable for use instead of ordinary nails that are too thin to support all kinds of weights.

Also, make sure that the hand rails of the bunk beds for kids are wide enough to prevent even a grown man from falling over the person sleeping below. This could result to head injuries if the hand rails failed to work. They must also be solid enough to withstand and prevent a big kid who rolls over one side. Hand rails not only protect the person sleeping on the top bunk but are also important to protect the person sleeping below so these are probably the most important parts of bunk beds and they must be one of the sturdiest parts of the bed.

Last but not least, make sure that the mattress is not too soft to get deformed and put the person who’s sleeping on the bunks at risk of falling into the slits and spaces in between the bunk beds for kids.Help create your children’s bunk beds safe to prevent accidents that could leave your children with permanent disabilities. Bunk beds are extremely fun to own if you are a kid but a parent must decide wisely which kid to put on a bunk bed and which ones to put on ordinary but safer beds. Weigh the pros and cons because your children’s safety are at stake.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Kids Bunk Bed

Although bunk beds are famous for saving on space and money among other things, there are many things in which one should consider before buying a bunk bed. As their names dictate, bunk beds are also known as double Decker beds, which means one bed placed on top of the other. With this knowledge, you can look into reasons why you need to be careful when choosing a double Decker, or bunk bed for your children. Most parents buy these beds because of the chaos and misunderstandings most kids have when sharing a room, and especially a bed.

The first factor you need to look into before you can buy a bunk bed is the amount you are capable of, and are willing to spend on the bed. Most of the top selling kids’ bunk beds range from $250 upwards, though you can even get cheaper beds. However, you should know that, quality comes as the price goes higher, hence you should look for a bed you can afford, as well as one that will give you service as you need it. If you have a lesser budget than that, then it means you will have to forego a few things, or take in some more time to save for the bed.

The other thing you need to look into is the material, dimensions and design in the bed you have decided to buy. Most bed vendors will have a variety of bunk beds for one to choose from, and it is for you to make a wise decision on the bed you are about to buy. Cheaper priced beds are made of softer wood or other materials, meaning they are prone to breakage and damage if the bed’s weight capacity is exceeded. Due to this factor, it is your responsibility to know for how long the kids will use the bed and their estimated body mass. If the kids are overweight and bigger, then you might need to buy a bed made from stronger materials like a hard wood, or even metallic ones if need be. Some merchant websites like the Amazon and eBay with the top selling kids’ bunk beds give detailed information to help choose the right bed to buy.

The other most important factor to consider when buying these children’s bunk beds is the amount of space you have in the kids’ rooms. The height of the room is the key determinant on what bed will be useful for you in the room. This means you will first need to evaluate the room to get an assurance that an extra bed can be useful in the room, and still give enough head room for anyone using the bed. Some rooms tend to have lower heights, hence limiting chances of using a bunk bed in them. However, if the kids’ room has a very low head space, then you can have a professional customize the bunk bed to fit in the house. Websites with these top selling kids bunk beds can give you an access to these professionals and you can place an order with them with the dimensions of your room, and you can be sorted out.

Some Good Reasons To Use Bunk Beds For Children

At present, space has become a major necessity in our family lives, and full utilization and maximization of the same is essential. If you live in a small house, and have several children with you, then you know what is being discussed. There are the times when you will find a limited space in bedrooms, as well as the living room, which makes it harder for one to arrange the room as it should be. However, there is one way in which you can help save a bedroom space by a greater margin; using bunk beds. Bunk beds come handy in places where space is an ore, as two or three beds take up a single bed’s space. Most of these beds come with a staircase, which makes the other beds on top accessible. It is very easy for you to find cheap bunk beds for kids, as you only need to visit the nearest furniture vendor or even order one online.

When you buy a bunk bed for your kids, you will notice a few things. You will first notice that you will have an extra space to keep a study table or even a computer for the kids to use while researching or handling their homework. The bunk bed helps you save on the extra money you would have spent to rent out a bigger house with more bed rooms, so as to accommodate the children. If you have two kids, you can buy a single bunk bed with twin beds on it. In this way, the two children will have a bed to sleep on, which means they will never have to share beds, hence more comfortable nights. These beds have come to save parents from the extra expense, which means one can spend the extra cash to handle other engaging and demanding needs. You can buy one or two bunk beds for kids on online stores, or even have a carpenter make one for you.

The other reason why many people have started using bunk beds is the comfort that comes with the same, as well as proper space utilization and their stylishness in nature. If you compare the designs in single beds and in bunk beds, then you will agree with me that bunk beds are stylish and cool to have in a bedroom than the single beds. This is the reason why parents, even when with a single child will buy these cheap bunk beds for kids other than having single beds. Under most circumstances, bunk beds come with chest drawers where the kid can keep his or her personal belongings. This makes it easier for one to tidy up the room. In another case, rooms with bunk beds are tidier than rooms with several single beds, as they are easier to clean and maintain.

If your kids’ still share a room to this date, then you can help better their stay in their bedrooms by buying them these cheap bunk beds for kids. They are cheap, affordable and easy to mount, and can help you save a lot of money spend on renting out bigger houses to accommodate your children. Take the step today.

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