Full Over Full Bunk Beds With Stairs

Fitting a family into a house can be a challenge. If you have a house with three bedrooms and a family of five or more, then you need to consider different options to make sure everyone has a space to sleep and room to play in their bedroom at the same time. One good option to consider is a purchase of full over full bunk beds with stairs, which will allow for more play space in the room and also room for clothes storage and additional furniture when necessary.

Finding a great set of bunk beds may not seem that challenging at first. However, as you start to compare options from local warehouse stores or franchise stores that offer furniture at a reduced price, you may be concerned about the safety of your loved ones on certain bunk bed sets. It may also be a worry that the twin over twin bunk beds or even the twin over full option will be a bed that is quickly outgrown by those growing children in your life.

Why should you buy full bunk beds with stairs?

Choosing the right set of bunk beds means considering a lot of factors. If you are worried that you need to buy bunk beds that will stand up to the test of time and also still be a comfortable bed for a growing teenager as well as your elementary school age child, then the best option to consider is a set of full over full bunk beds. These beds will allow room for your child to grow and still be comfortable on the full size mattress. These beds also are an elegant looking piece of furniture, so you won’t have to worry about teens that complain their room looks like that of a child.

This piece of furniture is perfect for any age. Even a guest room would be a good spot for a set of full over full bunk beds, as you can fit a lot of adult family members into a room where these beds are located.

How to choose the best full over full bunk beds with stairs for your room?

Choosing a quality set of bunk beds means reading through features and reviews, comparing the colors available and determining how the design of a specific set of full over full bunk beds with stairs will fit the room in your home. It also means comparing prices and whether the beds can be separated if the opportunity presents itself at a later time.
In order to choose the best set of bunk beds for your home, make a list of features in order of priority. Then, consider features and price before determine the best set that matches your list and also has the color and design available that you would prefer as furnishings for your home.

Different colors of full over full bunk beds with stairs

There are certain finishes and hues that seem to be popular with bunk beds, particularly the full over full variety. One simple yet popular color is white, which can brighten up a room when the walls are a dark color. Another warmer tone that is still great for brightening a room is an amber wash, which has the wood grain appearance not present in a set of beds in white, yet it is not dark and looming like a set of bunk beds in a darker brown or black. Meanwhile, for those rooms where a darker hue will be more welcome, there are options like cappuccino and antique walnut. There are also beds available in espresso and black. These beds are great when the walls are done in a cheery color like orange or white or to ground a themed bedroom.

Shape & Size of full over full bunk beds with stairs

Typically, a set of full over full size bunk beds are 62 to 64 inches high. Each bed fits a standard size mattress, which is 54″ by 74″. A set of full over full bunk beds with stairs, as opposed to the front ladder, tend to be between 93 to 103 inches from headboard to side rail of stairs, as compared to those that are 79 inches long with a ladder on the front of the bunks.

This can be an issue if you are pressed for space in the room where the bunk beds will be assembled. It is well worth the time to do some measuring and determine the maximum length the bunk beds can be and still allow the occupants room to get dressed and undressed and even play with toys on the floor around the beds.

Features & Facilities full bunk beds with stairs

  • With desk
  • With trundle
  • With storage drawers

A set of full over full bunk beds come with the stairs as noted and also with some other important features for a bedroom where two young people may be living. These beds can come with drawers and various storage areas. They can include a trundle bed, allowing for additional sleep space, and they can include a desk to allow for an ideal place to do school work or artistic creations if children are so inclined.Some bunk beds are created with additional furnishings that match and can be purchased separately, like a chest or dresser for more storage space.

Stairway full over full bunk beds can be a great investment if you want a nice looking and high quality piece of furniture that can grow with your children, provided you are willing to spend the money to get the good quality you need for a long life for your furniture.

3 Best full over full bunk beds with stairs for your room

1- The Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

full over full bunk beds with stairs

A very popular and aesthetically pleasing option when considering the purchase of a set of full over full bunk beds with stairs is the set by Atlantic Furniture.This set offers a beautiful Antique Walnut finish, a secure bed rail that includes closely spaced vertical bars as well as the expected horizontal to make for a stronger and better looking safety rail.

The stairs have drawers in them and can be attached to either end of the set of bunk beds. Meanwhile, if you so desire and the opportunity presents itself, you can separate these beds into two separate beds. The trundle under the bottom bunk means you have room for guests without hassle or stress.
This set of bunk beds also has a very high safety rating, exceeding the industry standards for that specification.

2- Full Size Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest

full bunk beds with stairs

This full over full bunk bed with stairs is made by Coaster Home Furnishings. It is available in an Amber Wash finish, making it go well in a room where the dark finish would be too much.

This set of beds is perfect for a room with little to no storage, as it includes drawers in the stairs and two drawers underneath the bottom bunk as well. This set of bunk beds will be appropriate for younger sleepers, as it has a set of two boards as a secure rail on the top bunk to prevent accidental falls. The stairs are wide and deep, allowing younger children the ability to climb to the top bunk without incident.

These bunk beds also have a separate chest that can be purchased that matches. This gives the family more storage options if the room does have a little flexibility on additional furnishings and storage features.

3- Bunk Bed Full Over Full with Trundle in Cappucino

This bed is made by DONCO. It offers a very dark finish, for those rooms where the walls are bright and the furniture needs to ground the room’s theme somewhat. A trundle under the bottom bunk means you can easily accommodate friends for sleepovers.

There is a front ladder that is simply slats, making this set better for older children that share a room. The size of the beds mean these bunk beds won’t need replaced as your children outgrow the size and comfort of a twin. The bunk beds can also be separated into two separate beds if the family gets the chance to move or expand their home so the children can have separate rooms.

There will be no need to buy another bed to allow children their own space in separate rooms. This makes this set particularly versatile and appealing, since you never know when arrangements can change.

Where you can buy full over full bunk beds with stairs

For more people, there may be one or two local furniture stores where a set of bunk beds would be available. However, in today’s world, the best way to find variety and the best set of full over full bunk beds with stairs for your family is to search online.

With the ability to shop online, you can find the ideal set of bunk beds and have them delivered right to your home in a timely manner. You can skip traffic and the hassle of finding a truck or other means of transportation for your new set of full over full bunk beds with stairs. Instead, you choose, pay and put in your address, and you will see your bunk bed arrive with no issues.

Certain web sites, like Amazon.com, offer a variety of beds in styles and colors that will fit into your home perfectly. They also offer quality guarantees and the best competitive pricing, so you can be sure you are getting a great product and are guaranteed that it will arrive and be the quality you expect.

Safety Tips

For any set of bunk beds, safety is an vital consideration. Most accidents in bedrooms occur when children have bunk beds. Therefore, the first step to keeping your kids safe is to make sure the safety rails for the top bunk are high quality and going to withstand some wear and tear, as well as abuse if you have rambunctious children.

The next step is to make sure the slats and other parts of the bunk bed are good quality and can stand up to a lot of weight. Younger children might not be a problem, but once you have teenagers sleeping on the beds, or if you plan to have adults utilizing these full over full bunk beds with stairs, you need to be sure that the bed will hold the weight without bowing or breaking.

A final step for safety is making sure the set of bunk beds with stairs has a secure method to reach the top bunk that can be easily maneuvered by individuals of any age. The durability of the material used to craft the set of bunk beds should also be reliable quality.

The beds will have a safety rating that is designed to show how they rank in terms of industry safety standards. This is a good thing to know when you are trusting a loved one’s comfort and quality night’s sleep to this piece of furniture.

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