How to choose the best white bunk bed with stairs for your kids

With all of the many colors and types of bunk beds on the market, the little girl will fall head over heels over the white bunk bed with stairs. White is such a clean, bright and cheerful shade that can brighten up even the dreariest rainy day. Where else can that special little girl want to be on a rainy day than reading a book or watching television while resting on her white bunk ? Even if you have a problem getting your child to go to bed on time, the bunk bed with slide and stairs could solve that problem. She will enjoy bed time even more by crawling up and into the bunk that is her very own. Now, since it is a bunk bed, her sister or best girlfriend will also enjoy sleeping in the beauty of the bed.

White painted wooden bunk bed

A white bunk bed is simply a wooden bed that is painted white. There can also be a border of pink painted on it to give it an even more attractive feminine look. With the color of white, anything else can be added. Also a white bunk will go with any color design of the bedroom. It doesn’t even matter what color the walls are painted. The white bed will fit right into any color scheme.

White metal style bunk bed

The white bunk bed can even come in a white metal style. Whether it is wood or metal, the bed is a good choice and space saver for the child’s bedroom. Some of the bunk beds have drawers on the side that can store many clothes and toys and keep the bedroom much neater. This type of bed can come in a twin or full size depending on how old the child is. However, even a small child will enjoy the roominess of a full-size white bunk bed with stairs and drawyers. There are even bunk beds that can be twin on top and full on the bottom. Some of them can even be converted from a twin/full bed to a twin/twin bed or two twin beds.

A white bunk bed with stairs can be nicely dressed up with different color quilts and pillows. The child can go shopping with you to choose her own color or print scheme. She may like to have her favorite cartoon characters on a bedspread and that spread will show up even better on a bed. With so many varieties of pillows and comforters, it could be a lot of fun for her to pick out her favorite kinds.

With the nice and beautiful white bunk bed with stairs and slide in your child’s bedroom, you will be happy to show off the bedroom even when visitors come over the house. Most of the time parents want to keep their child’s bedroom door closed, but with the white bunk bed with slide and stairs placed in the room, and the toys and clothes picked up neatly, the parents will be proud to show off their child’s room and the guests will be impressed. They will probably want to purchase a same for their children.

How to choose the best white bunk bed with stairs that suits your needs

We’ll try to cover as many aspects as we can, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. A white bunk bed is a classic finish among the bunk beds but there are other options available, if you want. These kind of furniture is ideal for rooms where space available is limited as they allow you to put two beds in the place of one. There are models where you can separate the two beds: this can be useful if you have two kids who like to sleep in bunk beds just for fun and when they grow up you separate the white bunk bed in two individual beds.

When choosing a white bunk bed with stairs you need to look for the best price, of course, but also for building and material aspects: it has to be solid, child-finished and provide proper support for the mattress’s. You can find them in wood or in metal, in several designs, from the most classical to latest avant-garde ones, with the white bunk bed stairs either on the side or at the bottom. Let’s see some of them.

White bunk bed twin over twin

These model can be separated in two identical twin beds. Made from solid wood with a coating layer that avoids cracks and splinters. It’s dimensions (61″ high x 79 ” long x 43″ 1/2 inches deep) are ideal to support heavy kids (important if you have a larger kid to sleep over on the weekend). It’s very easy to assemble these white bunk bed, they are very stable and safe. The stacking  is made by large dowels. People are saying they are pleased for the money they pay and recommends this product to be use by kids up till they are teenagers.

Walker Edison twin over twin white bunk bed

This metal twin-over-twin bed is easy to assembly if your follow the instructions. Expect two hours to mount it. For extra security if the beds are firmly supported by 22 slats each. It’s made from tubular steel with lead free layer coating and is available in black as well. Beware that with this white bunk bed the mattress’s thickness should nor surpass  9″. These durable white bunk bed  model also can be converted into independent beds, where as you have more space or kids grow-up. The design is clean and geometric, providing a contemporary look to any room that suits with any desk. Prices may vary between stores.

Elise White Bunk Bed

Very easy to put together, these is a sturdy and stable model. Being smaller in height then other bunk beds, these model allows you to put your kid in the upper bed with no effort.  On the other  hand, the lower bed will have less space for head, do. The color is slightly off white, providing a distinguished finish and  the ladder are on the side. Being a white wood bunk bed, supports up to 200lb per mattress. You can easily convert them in two single beds.

Twin Over Full White Bunk Bed

these model allows to put a twin bed over a standard bed. Ideal if you have kids with a great difference of ages, for example. Being extremely versatile, with a  twin over full bunk bed you can even separate the two beds. Very sturdy,  the ladder is integrated for extra security. The upper guardrail’s are  well sized even for small kids (not advised to babies or toddlers). These white bunk bed can save you space and money.

Important factors and considerations before buying cheap white bunk beds with stairs?

For those who are looking for an inexpensive way to add a cute decorative touch to their child’s bedroom as well as a great way to save on space should consider purchasing a set of cheap white bunk beds. There are many great advantages of buying cheaper bunks. Here is a look at why purchasing some economy beds can be beneficial for your house.

Many families with two or more children find themselves having to pair two or more children in one bedroom. When this occurs they come across the problem of not having enough space in the bedroom for all of their children’s belongings no matter how much they try and downsize. One solution to this problem is to add a set of cheap white bunk beds with stairs. By purchasing a set of bunk beds parents are providing each child their own place to sleep and reducing the amount of space used in the room as well. Typically you find that white bunk beds with stairs have two twin size beds, with one on top and one on the bottom however for those who have older kids or who desire a more spacious sleeping space can opt for a set of bunk beds that has a twin bed on top and a full size bed on the bottom or even a full size top and a full size bottom.

Besides giving kids their own sleeping space, you can also find cheaper bunks that have additional options such as built in bookcases or built in drawers. These built in book cases and built in drawers provide additional storage area and save on having to buy separate book cases or dressers for your child or children. This also makes the size of their bedroom appears larger and gives them more room to play.

Even for those who are looking for their child and they have their room all to themselves they are still a wise investment. Most children look the novelty of having a set of bunk beds. A set of these type of bunk beds are also an asset to their bedroom as it automatically gives them a place for their friends to sleep if they have overnight guests. Instead of having to set their friends up a place to sleep on the couch or give them a sleeping bag on the floor now they have their very own bed to stay in.

These type of bunk beds are also very affordable. Many can find a set for less than what they would pay for just one twin bed by itself. Besides getting an attractive piece of furniture for less money, you are also getting double the amount of sleeping space. Many furniture stores and companies also include the mattresses along with the set of bunk beds so you save on money in that area as well.

Lastly just because these bunk beds are inexpensive does not mean they are made out of cheap materials. Furniture stores and outlets anticipate that kids and teens can put their furniture through quite a bite of wear and tear so they are made out of very strong materials such as different types of wood or other durable materials.

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