Kids bunk beds with desk a best way to optimize space

The best way to optimize space in the bedroom is to utilize pieces of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Nowadays bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep; they are also becoming more of an entertainment area and work area for children as well. This may be difficult when available space is limited but with space saving features of kids bunk beds with desk they can be easily transformed into multi-use areas. After all, you do want your children to do well in school. Kids bunk bed with desk help solve this problem by combining several different features in one. They provide a place for children to do their assignments, projects and other related activities in one place. And with multiples designs, sizes and colors available they can be a welcome addition wherever the space is an issue. Plus, they look great and are a lot of fun for kids!

Yes, the fact is, children find this piece of furniture to be quite unique and flavorful for their bedrooms. Having a bunk bed is a great way to keep the bedroom fun and uncompressed at the same time. If the desk that you find on the side of the bed doesn’t come with a chair, in most cases you will have to get a chair and a floor mat separately to protect the floor or carpeting from any damage that the wheels of the chair may cause it.


Types & Benefits of using kids bunk beds with desk

Bunk beds with desk may have sounded weird and out of place to begin with but they have gained popularity over time. This is a piece of furniture that features a top deck and instead of another bed in the bottom section, a desk. The two may be detachable but are usually attached to each other when put up to form one single furniture item. These bed and desk pieces can be made using:

They also come in several amazing designs to help liven up your room and make it creative. Here are a few reasons why you need a bed bunk with desk facilities.

Children’s bunk beds with desk are a good use of space

First and foremost these beds are a very effective way of using up space in your home. Space that would have been taken up by a bed and separate desk is used wisely to make room for other vital elements in a room. Additionally if you have a small home you can make the most of the space by maximizing on each and every inch of it. The compact look of bunk beds with desk attachments gives your small space a feeling of spaciousness and style.

Cost effective purchase of kids bunk bed with desk

Spending money wisely is always a good thing. Buying a bed, a desk and a reading chair can be very costly in the long run because each of these items is costed individually. Buying bunk beds with desk bottoms is a wise purchase because the overall cost of the item cannot exceed that of the sum of each item bought independently. Buy one of these and you are guaranteed to save quite a bit on your shopping.

Encourages a reading culture

Most kids do not like reading and a bedroom with a bed they can just flop onto every night encourages them not to read. Getting your child one of these comfortable yet functional beds with a desk can help them develop a healthy reading culture. Reading before bed also improves retention of knowledge for children.

Keep rooms neat and tidy

Keeping a cluttered room clean is the most difficult job in the home not just for children but also for the full time housewife. Desks strewn all over the room with books, chairs fallen over and books on beds can be a ghastly sight in the morning. Getting your children bunk beds with desk facilities at the bottom section is a great way to curb this problem. This at the very least assures you that the desk and chair will always be in place. Reduced clutter reduces the time it takes to clean a room quite considerably.

Convenient and easy

The world today is all about convenience and being able to carry out tasks in the shortest time possible. The bunk beds with desk model is already a two-in-one convenience in itself. On top of this, you do not have to trot to the study room in the dead of night opening doors and waking up everyone else in the house. All you have to do is come down the ladder and you are at your work station. No bed has simply ever been this functional!


How to choose the best kids bunk bed with desk?

There are different types of bedroom bunk bed sets to choose from. The most common bunk bed set is called the twin on twin. There are other options such as the twin over futon which is a mattress above a futon. There is also a full over full which is two full mattresses or the twin over full which is the twin mattress raised above a full-sized mattress.

Any of those types of bedroom bunk bed sets are a great way to increase space in the bedroom. If you want to use your room for more than just a sleeping area then what you need is a lofted bunk bed with a desk. These are available both in the full and twin. What I mean by lofted is that one of the palaces raised above to her normal bed would be at the space underneath it is a spot for workplace. You can even get a set that has a desk built into the frame.

If keeping any sleeping space that you can possibly have is important to you, there is another type of bunk bed called double bedsteads that integrate work space. You will usually find these in an “L” shape. The upper bed usually lies perpendicular with the lower bed. In this case the desk is integrated into the side of the bed. Usually you will find a ladder to climb up to the top bed. You will also find guard rails to keep you from falling off onto the floor while you sleep. You can set them at either full or half position.

Most kids bunk beds with desk come in either wood or metal with a built-in desk underneath the bunk. Some sets even come with matching chairs and storage compartments. So whenever you feel that your bedroom is cramped and you are running out of space, please consider this simple and effective solution. You will not only be able to consolidate your crowded areas but also add some style and flavor – a decent number of choices will make it easy to find a perfect match for your particular needs.

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