L shaped bunk beds with desk a creative space saving solution

In today’s economy with homes becoming smaller and smaller and space at a premium, most home owners find themselves looking for space saving ideas that can help meet their family’s needs. Providing a comfortable and functional place where your child can sleep, relax, do homework and entertain their friends is much more difficult than it was a generation or two ago when large bedrooms and dens were the rule rather than the exception in most homes.

We all know that children tend to spend a good portion of their time in their bedrooms both relaxing and doing their homework. Making your child’s room as spacious and comfortable as possible is not an easy task but thankfully L shaped bunk beds with desk built-in can offer a creative space-saving solution to a few of the space problems you may be facing.

Whether you have two children that need to share a room or one child that likes to have friends stay over regularly, bunk beds with a built in desk can be an excellent way of providing both the extra bed that is needed and a convenient place for your child to study.  This way you can avoid the need to add a separate desk which would take up additional floor space.

Desk options

The desks on most of these L style bunks are built right into the framework at the short end of the bed serving as both a place to study and part of the bed. While some of these desks are little more than a flat surface that is attached between the rails of the bed and protrude a short distance away from the bed frame, others are built in such a manner as to form a solid style desk complete with drawers that is flush with the bed frame saving even more space.

These types of L shaped bunk beds with desk may be constructed from wood or metal and come in a variety of styles making them an even more attractive option. In some cases they may also have additional built in storage or a bookcase that helps save even more space.

Why built-in desks are so popular

These styles of bunk beds with built-in desks are often the trend in college dorms where space can be at a premium.  Homeowners are also buying them as an attractive alternative for smaller bedrooms. Parents are able to provide their child with the necessary furnishing they need to live comfortably in a fairly small space. Having an area to do homework, play computer games, or simply to email or chat with their friends makes your child’s room more user friendly without the need to take up space somewhere else in the home.

If you have a need to conserve space in your child’s room or even a spare bedroom, and are looking for an attractive option for doing so then purchasing an L shaped bunk bed with desk may be just the solution you are looking for.

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