L shaped bunk beds with stairs are safer for younger children

Often times, with the limited number of bedrooms in modern houses parents find they need to have two of their children share a room. In bedrooms that are a bit on the smallish side bunk beds seem the ideal solution to getting two beds into limited space. However, parents with children who are younger worry that their children might fall negotiating those bunk bed ladders. A solution to that problem might be choosing an L shaped bunk bed with stairs rather than a ladder to climb.

Why stairs are safer?

Stairs are safer than ladders for younger children simply because they are wider and don’t require hand over hand action to get to the top bunk. Which means if your 6 year old wants to take his favorite teddy bear into bed with him he won’t need to try and climb hand over hand with one hand holding that stuffed animal. Stairs also provide a wider area for your child’s footing giving him a more secure feeling when climbing to that top bunk. While choosing a bed with stairs instead of ladder won’t completely eliminate the chances of a fall it will certainly reduce that danger to large degree.

Other benefitsof stairway bunk beds

There are a few other benefits to choosing a set of L shaped bunk beds with stairs. First of all most of the newer bunk beds with stairs are designed so that the stairs themselves are also drawers which provides a bit of extra storage space for the bedroom. Since storage space in most homes are at a premium this can be a real benefit in keeping the room neat and tidy.

Another benefit is that the stairs themselves can act as an extra place for your child to sit during their waking hours. With smaller room sizes often times the bed is the only suitable place for a child to sit but, in these beds with stairs the steps themselves can provide an alternative to sitting on the bed.

Two basic styles of bunk beds with stairs

There are really two basic styles of beds with stairs. One style feature a bunk over bunk layout with the staircase on the side forming the L. Boys especially seem to be attracted to this style of set up and find it quite fun as well as serving to make getting to that top bunk safer.

The other style is that the two beds form an L with the stairway going up at the side of the bottom bunk and the foot of the top bunk. This style offers more design choices including set ups with additional drawer space, desks and even a nightstand for the bottom bunk.

Whichever style you choose you can rest easier knowing that you are providing your younger child with a safer way of reaching the top bunk while making the most of the space you have in that smaller room. L shaped bunk beds with stairs can provide a creative solution to both safety and storage problems in your home.

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