L shaped bunk beds with storage are exactly what you need for your kids

Is your child’s room always looking untidy because there simply isn’t enough storage space for them to put everything neatly away? Does you child lack the necessary draw space for all those sweaters and jeans? Do they have books piled everywhere because their room is too small to sport a book case? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then a set of L shaped bunk beds with storage may be exactly what you need to solve all those storage problems once and for all.

L shaped bunk beds with storage are designed to make the most out of a room that has limited floor space and these beds do so in very attractive and innovative ways making it possible for you to choose the set of bunks beds with just the right kind of storage that is needed. Here is a quick look at some of the storage design options.

Bunk Beds With A Computer Desk And Drawer Storage Built In

One popular type of bunk bed features both a built in computer desk and built in drawer storage. These bunks usually feature a loft type upper bunk and a lower bunk that sits under the center of the top bunk forming an L. On the space next to the bottom bunk is a chest of drawers for extra storage that forms part of the head or foot of the upper bunk. On the other end is a desk for homework or a computer. Many of these desks have small storage draws and even open storage spaces beside the desk for storing toys or books.

This allows for extra floor space and a more spacious look in an average size room or helps to make a small room more comfortable, functional and livable.

Drawers , Drawers, Everywhere

Another clever use of the extra space provided by L shaped bunks allows for a ton of extra drawer space. One of the classiest looking of these types of beds are the ones that have a chest at one end of the bed and stairway of drawers leading to the top bunk. Not only does this stairway provide for much safer climbing to the top bunk but it gives the room even more roomy drawer space as each step has drawer storage under it. It’s an attractive design that serves a very real need.

Bunk Beds With Open Storage

Some L shaped bunk beds have open shelves for storage which works great for different needs. These open shelves can hold toys, books, shoes, purses or a variety of things and serve to help keep the entire room looking neat and tidy without taking up any additional floor space. Some of these types of bunks feature a chest of drawers with open storage at the top and built in night stand with additional storage.

These three space saving styles of bunk beds are only the beginning of the bed/storage options that are available. If you have limited bedroom space and are looking for an innovative solution to the problem you are going to want to check out the wide variety of L shaped bunk beds with storage.

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