L shaped twin bunk beds can add a whole new look to your children’s room

There was a time having two children who needed to share a bedroom meant those boring old twin bunk beds that while they served their purpose, were often fairly boring looking and made every bedroom they were placed in look pretty much like a bunkhouse. However, bunk beds have come a long way in recent years with L shaped twin bunk beds being the bunk beds of choice for most parents and kids as well.

Originally L shaped twin bunks were used in college dorms to provide desk and drawer space in a small area so that students would feel less crowded. However, these beds quickly became so popular that they began being manufactured for home use as well. These beds have now become the preferred option for families with limited space.

These bunk beds have a far less boring look and many come with extra features like a small desk, a book shelf, or even a built in dresser. This makes these beds more attractive and give your child’s room a much more contemporary and stylish look. What makes this style of twin bunk bed even nicer is that there are so many different models to choose from that your children’s room can be unique and not simply look like every other child’s room that uses bunks.

Metal Or Wood?

You can choose from L shaped twin bunk beds in either metal or wood and these beds range in prices from quite reasonable to more expensive depending on the style of material used and what extras may be part of the bed package. Metal bunks can give a room a clean and ultra modern look, while wooden beds provide a touch of warmth and comfort.

Different Styles To Choose From

As previously mentioned these beds come in a lot of different styles for you to choose from. Many models come with a built in desk which gives your child a place to study without taking up additional space in the bedroom.

Some use a loft upper bunk with dressers built into each end of the bed or a dresser on one end and a bookcase or storage area on the other. Still others have storage drawers that also act as stairs going up to the top bunk. Other bunk beds use ladders. You can even purchase these beds as part of an entire bedroom set so that all the furniture matches.

What You Need To Know Before Buying

While these beds are very attractive and look great in a reasonably sized room with at least one windowless wall and offer plenty of space saving additions, they won’t fit into every size and shape of room. So before purchasing make sure that the room you want to put these beds in is an appropriate size and shape.

Simply find the set of bunk beds that you like, get the dimensions and measure your bedroom space to make sure they fit. That way you can be sure that there will be no surprises when you assemble at home. Keep in mind that these beds sometimes take up more space than it looks like they will.

Once you know that these L shaped twin bunk beds fit the space available you will find that purchasing one of these sets can add a whole new look and feel to your children’s room.

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