Bedz King Stairway Bunk Twin over Twin Bed with 3 Drawers in the Steps Review

Product Name:Bedz King Stairway Bunk Twin over Twin Bed with 3 Drawers in the Steps, Honey
Brand:Bedz King
Dimensions:42 x 102 x 62 in
Weight:233 lbs
Height:61 inches
Width:42 inches
Length:102 inches
Size:Twin over Twin
Material:Wood - Pine
Bedz King Stairway Bunk Twin over Twin Bed with 3 Drawers in the Steps Review
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If you have more than two kids, investing in a quality bunk bed to save some space in the bedroom can be one of the best moves you can make and for valid reasons. For starters, these popular beds offer sufficient sleeping space for your kids while leaving room for desks, toys or other furniture on the side. Moreover, most kids enjoy sleeping in twin over twin bunk bed with stairs which ultimately means that you won’t have to fight with your little angels during bedtime.

The best part is, though, is you have an infinite variety of bunks to choose from as they come in an array of varying designs, colors, materials, sizes and price. The downside, however, is this makes finding the ideal bunk bed quite a daunting affair. Fortunately, we have reviewed only the best bunk beds here and below, we take a look at one of the most popular twin over twin bunk beds with stairs and drawers on the market currently.

The Best Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With Stairs

bedz king twin over twin bunk bed with stairs

Twin bunk beds with stairs and drawers are highly preferred not only for their great aesthetics, but also for their sufficient storage space that can be used to tuck toys or clothing. In short, twin over twin bunk beds with stairs lay right at the top of the niche’s echelon and with this, you can be guaranteed that this product by Bedz King Stairway is quite a catch. Let’s dive right in and have a look at the features, pros and cons of investing in this product. Enjoy!


Sturdy wood construction

On the surface, this twin over twin bunk bed with stairs is simply eye candy and you’ll likely fall in love with it at first glance. Besides its exemplary design and quality finish, the whole bed is crafted from sturdy Brazilian pine – regarded as one of the best – to guarantee lifelong service. The wood is sanded prior to being protected using silky coating; meaning you need not worry over splinters or cracks at some point as is usually the norm with most furniture. The best part is, it has no particles boards or mdf incorporated in the design – proven to be harmful for kids who tend to put everything in their mouths.

Bed drawers

Any bunk bed designed with drawers is more often than not a good investment and this one is certainly no exception. The extremely cool design of the Bedz King Stairway bunk bed incorporates large stairs that also double up as storage space for toys and clothes. To cap it, you also get an extremely roomy trundle underneath just in case you need more storage space.

Simplistic stair design

While most bunk beds come with ladders, this one packs roomy stairs for easier and safer access of the upper bed. In most cases, beds with stairs are usually preferred because they make it easier to climb up especially for young kids. Sure, ladders are great at saving up some space in the room, but your child’s safety shouldn’t come at a price.


Speaking of safety, this is one of the safest bunk beds you can invest in as a parent. The model has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories which rank it as child-safe thanks to the choice of materials used. The bunk bed loft achieves high safety standards by adopting non-toxic, lead free finishes ideal for kids of any age.


Moreover, the stairs incorporated in the design as earlier mentioned are built with the safety of children in mind. This combined with the fact that it has no mdf of board particles in its craftsmanship certainly make up for one of the safest bunk beds on the market.


  • Safe for child-use regardless of age
  • Sufficient storage space for toys and clothing
  • Aesthetically pleasing bunk bed
  • Easy to climb stairs for simplistic access of the upper bunk


  • No mattresses included as is usually the case with other bunk beds of its caliber.

Bottom Line:

All in all, the Bedz King twin over twin bunk bed with stairs is easily one of the best in its niche and for valid reasons as you can tell from the above. There is really nothing negative about it considering its exemplary design that enhances your kid’s safety – the top most priority for any parent. In a nutshell, it is highly reliable, fun and functional – the perfect blend of features for any bunk bed.

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