Convertible Twin Solid Wood Construction Bunk Bed Review

Product Name:Convertible Twin Solid Wood Construction Bunk Bed
Dimensions:80" W x 42" D x 65"
Weight:114 lbs
Size:Twin Twin
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Searching for bunk beds for boys? If so; I urge you to take a little peek at this one. This is a convertible bunk bed. This means that the top can be removed and you will end up with two separate beds. This may be ideal for those families who could be upgrading bedroom sizes in the future. It would negate the need to purchase a new bed. On this page I want to take a little look at the features of this particular bunk bed as well as a few of the pros.


  • The dimensions of the bed are 80” x 42” x 65”. It weighs less than 115lbs.
  • The design is incredibly contemporary. The bed has been constructed from hardwood. It has been finished with good quality white paint.
  • Can break down into two separate beds with ease.
  • Each bed has the ability to hold up to 250lbs.


There is no denying that the design of this bed is rather simple. That being said; it is quite refreshing considering the number of  boys bunk beds out there which opt for crazily colorful patterns which your child is most likely going to end up loathing as they get older. This design is suitable for those homes which are aiming for a very modern décor. I for one think the product looks fantastic.

One of my favorite features, but one which most people will not use, is the fact that you are able to easily break the bunk bed down into two separate beds if you wish. This, in my opinion at least, is fantastic for those parents who may wish to start their children off in the same room before migrating them to their own room. It will negate the need for purchasing a whole new bed!

When it comes to bunk bed for your boy, this product is at the cheaper end of the market. It therefore surprised me when I saw how high quality the product actually was. It has been constructed from hardwood. This means that it is remarkably stable and more than capable of putting up with heavy use. In fact; each bed has been rated for up to 250lbs. This is a huge figure that you are never going to reach with just children on it. This goes to show just how well-constructed it is.


My only major gripe with this particular product is the fact that it is rather difficult to put together. The instructions seem to be fairly minimal. This may lead to you taking slightly longer putting it together than you originally anticipated. It is not impossible at all, but some of the parts can be a little bit confusing. You do not need much to put it together though. A good quality screwdriver and a partner is all that it takes.

If you are looking for something slightly more unique than the norm when it comes to bunk beds for boys with stairs, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this one.

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