DHP Junior Loft Bunk Review

Product Name:DHP Junior Loft Bunk
Dimensions:78 x 41.5 x 50 inches
Weight:58.5 pounds
Height:49.6 inches
Width:42 inches
Length:78.15 inches
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Are you looking for a loft bunk bed with stairs that is secure for younger children? Do you need a bed that allows you to store some items beneath it but does not weigh much? Well, you should consider the DHP Junior Loft Bunk. This bed is easy to assembles, sturdy in construction and has sufficient space below it for you to store items such as toys for your kid. Let us take a look at what makes this bed stand out from the rest.

The Best Loft Bunk Bed With Stairs

loft bunk bed with stairs

Sturdy Metal Construction

Most beds will sacrifice quality and gives you a bed made of low quality metals that will not last over ten years. They instead start to bend as your child grows older and becomes heavier. That is why choosing a bed with a sturdy construction as this one is important. The bed is also painted to protect it from moisture which causes rust.

Shorter Height

The height of the bed is should be in such a way that it is optimum. It should be able to allow you to work with the space underneath it while at the same not so high that it is risky for the child sleeping on it. It should also have some guard rails to protect the child from rolling over and falling down while asleep.

Free Metal Ladder

Most bed designs do not come with a ladder that reaches the ground and is designed for baby steps. That is one of the best defining features of this bed. It comes with a ladder that your child can use to safely climb this bed and come down in the morning. If you have ever had any fears about the safety of the bunk bed for your child, this bed will put all those worries to rest. This bed is designed to give your child a safe place to sleep on each night.Weighs 200lbsA bed that weighs as little as possible is ideal because it allows you to move it around without straining when rearranging the child’s room. It also allows you to move in and out of apartments with ease if you have to do it. However, a bed should not be made light by sacrificing the quality of its construction. At only 200lbs, this bed is among the lightest beds that do not sacrifice quality, and are well priced.

Creates Free Space

Children will accumulate items as they grow up that they may not wish to throw away. That’s why this loft bunk bed with stairs design comes in handy. It makes use of the vertical space and creates lots of space below it. That allows you to store items like toys for your kids. You can also use the space to store other house hold items as well ore put a small desk for your child to study.


  • This bed is easy to install.
  • Creates additional space by utilizing vertical space.
  • It is sturdy and durable because of the metallic construction.
  • It comes with a ladder.


  • You have to contact the manufacturer for a warranty.
  • You have to assemble it yourself at home.


Why is DHP Junior Loft Bunk a Good Bed?

DHP Junior loft bunk bed with stairs is designed to make good use of space in your children’s bedroom. Most homes have children’s bedrooms that are not well utilized because of poor use of vertical space. This bed helps you to deal with that by using vertical space and leaving some space below it for storage or other uses. This bed also takes the safety of your child in to consideration in the design. It has rail-guards that keep your child from rolling over and falling at night. It is also sturdy and will not bend as your child grows.


You are assured that you will have bed a great investment by buying this DHP Junior loft bunk bed with stairs for your child. I would recommend this loft bunk bed with stairs to my best friend.

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