Donco Full Over Full Bunk Bed With Trundle in Cappuccino Review

Product Name:Full Over Full Bunk Bed With Trundle in Cappuccino
Dimensions:58.38 x 103 x 68.12 in
Weight:479 lbs
Size:Full Over Full
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There are lots of different things to consider when it comes to bunk beds. For one thing, bunk beds should ideally be as secure and sturdy as possible. Their frames should manage to be decorative despite being built for stability rather than style. Bunk beds should also be space-saving. The Bunk Bed Full over Full with Trundle in Cappuccino manages to score well in all of those categories and more.



Bunk beds are all going to vary in terms of their safety, and far too many of them are just not safe enough. People who sleep on the top bunk are always going to have to worry about rolling off of it. Beds that support the weight of two people are going to have to be very secure. TheBunk Bed Full over Full with Trundle in Cappuccino meetsCSPC and ASTM safety standards according to rigorous testing. Most people should find that this is a bunk bed that is very stable and sturdy when in use. The top bunk has adequate guard rails that are going to stop accidents from happening. Since the ladder rungs are flat, it is going to be that much easier for most kids to be able to scale the bunk bed ladder correctly.

Additional Features

This bed is equipped with a roll-out trundle feature, and that means that kids can have sleepovers easily. It also means that this is a bed that is designed for space-saving, and that people could potentially have three kids sleeping in a given room for an extended period of time as a result of choosing theBunk Bed Full over Full with Trundle in Cappuccino. The fact that no bunkie boards are needed also makes a big difference, since the bed is mattress-ready.

Stylish Wooden Frame

The wooden frame is fully sanded and there won’t be any splinters for people to live with, which should make a big difference. The finishes are free of lead and safe for children. Many people are also going to love the look and feel of the wooden frames, which are smooth and have an appealing color.


  • This bunk bed has a tough and firm wood construction.
  • This is a bed that has managed to meet ASTM and CSPC safety standards.
  • The top bunk has guard rails.
  • The ladder rungs are flat as opposed to vertical in terms of their design and nature.
  • No bunkie boards are going to be needed with this bed.
  • The bed is very easy to put together.


  • Thick mattresses might not work with bunk beds like these.
  • This bunk bed has a low weight limit


TheBunk Bed Full over Full with Trundle in Cappuccino really is a great bed for people to use, even if it is not going to work for everyone. It’s stylish, safe, has many features, and it should be a great choice for a lot of customers and their kids.

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