Donco Kids Low Study Loft Review

Product Name:Kids Low Study Loft
Dimensions:79L x 43W x 41H in
Weight:42 pounds
Height:41 inches
Width:43 inches
Length:78 inches
Color:Dark Cappuccino
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Some bunk beds provide storage space underneath, so they are functionally more than just bunk beds. Other bunk beds manage to go even further than that. These are beds that can more or less function as several pieces of furniture in one. The Donco Kids Low Study Loft is truly a piece of furniture that can take on the role of several different pieces of furniture. This is a loft that can function as a bed, a bookshelf, a chest of drawers, and a desk.



There are few beds that can provide as many features as the Donco Kids Low Study Loft. This bed more or less resembles a bunk bed, but it has a number of other furniture features on what would have been the bottom bunk instead. There is a two-shelf bookcase big enough for textbooks, a chest of three drawers, and a roll-out desk. The bed is still the centerpiece, and there is a small ladder leading up to the bed that should be easy for most people to access. This is just the sort of space for a studious kid who keeps the books at hand in the evening.


There is something very charming about a bed like this one. It has the put-together feel of a piece of furniture designed to save as much space as possible, and the piece has an overall clean efficiency to it. The smooth and solid pine wooden frame should look beautiful in most rooms, and most kids will appreciate it. The design is also simple enough that everything should be easy to put together manually. The bed is also very sturdy.


Combining so many pieces of furniture in one automatically means that it is going to be easier for people to be able to save space in a room. The floor space in a given room should almost instantly increase following the purchase of a bed like this one. It should be easier to keep a room tidy following the purchase of theDonco Kids Low Study Loft as well.


  • This bed offers a chest of drawers, a desk, a bookcase, and a bed in one piece.
  • The solid pine wooden frame is high-quality.
  • There are many different wood finishes available.
  • The bed is mattress-ready and can easily accommodate a twin-sized mattress.
  • The bed and everything else should be easy to assemble thanks to the simple instructions and efficient design.
  • The bed is sturdy.


  • Some customers might not like the smell of the wood finishes.
  • The weight limit for the bed might be too low for some customers


TheDonco Kids Low Study Loft really does have a lot to offer. Many kids and parents alike are going to love it. This is a bed that makes everything from cleaning to keeping track of things easier, and it might even motivate kids to study more often. TheDonco Kids Low Study Loft is truly efficient in more ways than one.

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