Embrace Youth Twin Loft Bed with Trundle Review

Product Name:Embrace Youth Twin Loft Bed with Trundle
Dimensions:75 x 4 x 15
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A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one frame is stacked on top of the other. The frames can be stacked directly over each other or in an L-shape to provide additional sleeping space. The lower deck can be used as a desk or play area. This type of low bunk bed with stairs utilize small spaces effectively.

There are a number of different types of bunk beds available. The Embrace Youth Twin Bed is a twin-over-twin bunk bed. It is made of a dark merlot finish over replicated mahogany grain which makes it a very sturdy bed that come serve you well for many years. It is also very beautiful and can be customized to fit a boy’s or a girl’s room perfectly.

Buying The Best Low Bunk Bed With Stairs

low bunk bed with stairs

Apart from making bedtime more fun, this sturdy bunk bed will let you use a small space so well by making use of the vertical space. The Youth Twin Loft Bed will fit into a room where two twin beds won’t and still leave enough room that can be turned into a play area. The beds are twin sizes thus ensuring you kids have more than enough sleeping area without compromising on comfort.


This bed is quite bulky so when you order it, make sure you have someone with you to help carry it into the house. The bed comes in two large boxes wrapped securely onto wooden pallets. The larger box contains the stairs and drawers already assembled along with a few other pieces of the bed. The other box has the bed components. The instructions are fairly simple to follow to assemble the whole bed.


Assembling the pieces may take you quite some time if you are doing it alone but if you get help the work becomes much easier to get accomplished as one person fixes the parts while the other holds the longer pieces for you at the other end. Remember to assemble this bed on the spot you want it to stand because it’s very heavy to move around once put together.

Stairs With Drawers

The steps have drawers that are big enough but not deep and can be used to store toys or extra linen. The top bunk is not too high which makes it a suitable bed for younger children. The steps make it easy to the child on top to get to bed without any risk of falling which is a great comfort to any parent.

The finished product looks exactly as pictured, great piece of furniture. This piece feels very solid, too and will be used for many years. This is one purchase you will be happy with. And what more, the Amazon price is almost half of what these other stores are selling it for.

Additional Storage Space

If you’re looking to use your small space effectively, get low bunk bed with stairs and drawers for your children. It doubles as a storage piece too and your children can still have enough space for you to add a reading table in the room. It is also so beautiful and your kids will definitely love it. You get two ways of arranging it, bunks over each other or L shape arrangement. When your kid has a sleep over, it’s just a matter of pulling out bed linen and just making a bed. This is what we call convenience. This bunk bed can also be used in dorm rooms where space is limited and the bottom bunk can be removed and reading desk and chair put in place.


This bunk bed can be turned into a single bed when you acquire more space. A versatile piece of furniture. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Embrace Youth Twin Loft Bed with Trundle bed.


  • Very sturdy- made of mahogany wood
  • Can be assembled in many designs
  • It’s a beautiful sophisticated style
  • Comes with extra storage
  • The beds are big- twin size


  • Expensive
  • Very heavy

This low bunk bed with stairs is bit expensive but for that quality and design, it worth it. Invest in a quality bed that will service you for years without much wear. This the kind of furniture that your kids will outgrow. It’s that durable!

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