Things to consider when choosing l shaped triple bunk beds

There are times when having sleeping space for two just isn’t enough. If you have limited bedrooms or simply want an extra bed for when your children want a friend to sleep over then a triple bunk bed may be just the answer you are looking for.

Most models of triple bunk beds feature two loft bunks shaped into an L with a traditional bottom bunk under one of the upper bunks. This leaves room to place a desk, dresser, or bookcase to save space.

These beds work extremely well in rooms that are more square than rectangle in shape, though they also work in a large rectangular room.

Some beds in this model feature storage drawers under the bottom bunk as well as a built in dresser or desk which increase the amount of storage space in a room. Compact and versatile these beds are quite attractive providing a nice look to the room while allowing sleeping space for that third person.

Another type of triple bunk bed features a loft bed and a low bunk set in the traditional bunk bed style with a middle bed forming the L shape. This set of triple bunks leaves little head room for the middle and bottom bunk but, that problem can be solved by switching your head to the more open areas. However this build of triple bunks also leaves little room for storage space around the bed area so, it needs to placed in a fairly large room that is large enough for accommodating separate furniture pieces where needed.

Things to Consider when Choosing Triple Bunk Beds

Which type of triple bunk beds you choose will depend on several factors. Some of these factors may include:

Size and shape of the room you plan to put them in. The two different styles of triple beds are pretty close to the same dimensions however, if your room size is limited then the style that offers built-in storage may provide a better option as you can place this style of triple bunk in a somewhat smaller room and you won’t need as much floor space for extra furniture.

How comfortable your child is in close quarters. Many children like the cozy feel of bunk beds that have the L shape in the center. However, if you have a child who feels cramped in such close quarters you may want to choose the more open option of triple bunk.

You and your family’s individual taste. When all is said and done if the two triple bed options are both workable then go with the one that matches you and your families individual tastes. That way you will be happier with your purchase and love your new bedroom furniture.

Triple bunk beds are an excellent way to solve the problem of needing extra sleeping space whether you need that space on a daily basis or just occasionally. With homes being downsized and the “spare bedroom” being a thing of the past having an extra bed on hand for overnight guests is almost a must. A triple bunk bed can solve that problem in a unique and attractive way.

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