Twin over full l shaped bunk bed with stairs

Unlike a few decades ago when bunk beds still resembled beds seen in those television Westerns, today’s choice of bunk beds are varied and attractive and allow each individual room to take on it’s own personality while still conserving space. One of the more interesting form of bunk beds today is the twin over full l shaped bunk beds with stairs. These beds feature a double bed on the bottom and a single bunk on the top and can solve an array of sleeping space problems.

Teenager Sleep Overs

Some teenagers just need more room to spread out when they are sleeping than others do and having a double size bed can give your teenager the room he or she needs to get a good nights sleep. However, because full size beds take up more space you simply might not have the room for that cot or extra bed for your child’s friends to sleep over. The twin over full bunk beds solve that problem nicely by allowing your child the space they need and still providing a temporary bed for that occasional overnight guest.

Younger And Older Siblings

There are times when a younger and older sibling need to share the same bedroom. Having a larger bed for the older sibling and a smaller bed for a younger child makes sense. By using a twin over full bunk bed to give each child the right size bed you can save more space in the bedroom for their other personal things.

Perfect For That Small Vacation Home

Twin over full bunk beds may be the perfect solution to the limited bedroom space in that small summer cottage. Instead of junior or the little miss in your family being pushed onto the sofa in that one bedroom cottage, mom and dad can sleep in the bottom bunk and the little one can take the top. While this may result in a little less privacy during that weekend break it will ensure that everyone gets a full night’s sleep in order to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Provides Additional Space For Overnight Guests

During the summer months and at holiday time it isn’t unusual for families to get together. Oftentimes, you need an extra bed for guests to sleep in. Having a twin over double bunk will allow you to accommodate both single and couples as guests and in a real emergency even a whole family. These beds are especially nice in a guest room to provide extra space for those staying over.

There are several different designs of twin over full bunk beds to choose from making it possible for you to have a great looking bedroom that meets your specific needs while still saving space in a smaller room or home. If you think a twin over full l shaped bunk bed with stairs may be for you why not take the time to explore the different styles available?

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