White bunk beds with stairs are a great way to save on space in a bedroom

For a great, practical, decorative touch to any kids bedroom one should consider the benefit of putting in a set of White bunk beds. With the large variety of different styles available for consumers to choose from there is a set fit for any bedroom. There are many advantages and benefits one gets from putting in a set of white bunks. For those who have never considered them before here are some examples of the different styles of white bunk beds to choose from as well as all the benefits they add to your bedroom.

Shoppers will find that white bunk beds can be made from a plethora of different materials ranging from wooden materials to those with sturdy steel framing. All of these materials present their own benefits depending upon what style you are looking to decorate the room in. For a clean, simplistic look white bunks made out of wood or durable steel is a good choice. These are also a good choice for those who are wanting to put a modern look to the bedroom. For those who are looking for a more romantic or feminine look for a little girls bedroom should opt for a set that is made out of white wood or wood like materials with intricate design and details. You can find some white bunk beds that feature carved floral designs at the headboard and foot board. This style is perfect for a girls’ bedroom.

Benefits of stairway bunk beds

Parents with children who are younger worry that their children might fall negotiating those bunk bed ladders. A solution to that problem might be choosing white bunk beds with stairs rather than a ladder to climb.  Stairs are safer than ladders for younger children simply because they are wider and don’t require hand over hand action to get to the top bunk. Which means if your 6 year old wants to take his favorite teddy bear into bed with him he won’t need to try and climb hand over hand with one hand holding that stuffed animal. Stairs also provide a wider area for your child’s footing giving him a more secure feeling when climbing to that top bunk. While choosing a white bunk bed with stairs instead of ladder won’t completely eliminate the chances of a fall it will certainly reduce that danger to large degree.

Besides the different designs there are for shoppers to pick from there are also different sizes. There is the standard set of white bunks with twin size beds or there is a set where the bottom bunk is a full size bed and the top bunk is a twin size bed. This size of white bunk beds are great for siblings who share a bedroom or one child who just wants the extra bunk for overnight guests.

White bunk beds with trundle

For shoppers who are short on the amount of space they have in the bedroom would like the White Bunk Beds that have a bookcase or trundle. The bookcase is a great way to save on the amount of space used in the bedroom. There are also sets of bunk beds that have drawers underneath the bunk beds for extra storage perfect for storing clothes. This saves the shopper from having to buy a dresser.

White Bunk Beds have many benefits. Almost every child loves the idea of having their own set of bunk beds. They get excited over the idea of getting to climb up the ladder and sleep on the top bunk. Besides being fun for kids purchasing a set of white bunk beds are a great way to save on space in a bedroom. If you live in a smaller home or have more than one child in a bedroom a set of bunk beds are a great way to give them their own personal space without taking up a lot of room in the bedroom. This is especially true for the bunk beds that have a full size bed on the bottom. Many bunk beds are also able to be taken apart and used as two twin beds for those who want to.

Bunk beds are also affordable with many priced below what you would pay for one full sized bed. With all these benefits it is easy to see why many choose to put white bunk beds with stairs and desk in their children’s bedrooms.

Bunk beds are an extremely popular choice in bedding for a variety of age groups

Bunk beds are an extremely popular choice in bedding for a variety of age groups. These groups can start with children at a very young age, all the way up to college students and adults. They are ideal bedding furniture for many different reasons. Some of these reasons included is the number of persons that can be accommodated for sleeping arrangements, a great space saver in a room and are attractive to the eye. Bunk beds can come in a variety of styles, colors, materials and different sizes of mattresses. However, one of the most popular choices of colors is often white. White is a fresh and clean color that can conform to many room decor palettes. When choosing the best white bunk bed, one should consider the specific requirements needed in order to fulfill their desires.

The Lea Getaway twin/full loft is one of the best white bunk beds in the marketplace. There are many benefits and features that will lure shoppers to purchase this bunk bed for their own. The School House style is a very attractive design and is produced with hardwoods and veneer coverings, ensuring that this loft bed will be a durable and attractive furniture product. The mattress is available in a choice of full or twin size, purchased separately. The bunk bed has safety features that include guard rails and a ladder that extend fully to the floor. Many businesses that offer this loft bunk bed will offer free items with the normal purchase price, such as the loft bed ladder and a Study Buddy lamp kit. The Study Buddy lamp kit is great for reading, studying or even as a night light.

The Lea Getaway metal bed frame can be purchased separately and is created to be used under the loft bed for additional sleeping accommodations. There is also a huge selection of other matching accessories and furniture products that can be purchased separately in order to complete the bunk beds desired finished effect. Due to all of these superior features and products, this is considered one of the Best white bunk beds currently selling in the market industry.

Another product that is considered to be one of the best white bunk beds with stairs in furniture choices is the Berg Furniture Enterprise 2 Panels bunk bed with storage drawers. This bunk bed has two choices in sizes of mattresses. Twin over twin or twin over full is the available selection. It also has guard rails as a safety feature on the top bunk. The staircase, which is substituted for the ladder, has built-in drawers and shelves. This is a great feature that offers ample storage. The stairs can also be used for sitting, perhaps for reading a book or a spot for friends to sit and chat. The material is composed of a laminate construction which is a durable structure and easy to clean.

The bottom bunk has accessible space that will allow for a trundle bed or under bed drawers. The bunk bed is also available in other finishes such as chestnut, maple, nutmeg and brandy. However, white is often a popular choice in finishes. The drawer pulls are available in a variety of whimsical and fun designs and the knobs are available in a large selection of colors. The Berg Furniture 2 Panels bunk bed with storage drawers is a solid investment for one of the Best White Bunk Beds available among many other competitors.

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